Countess Marquees’ ‘hot’ topic this month

Countess Marquees’ ‘hot’ topic this month

…with the British summer underway is…


with and without window walls. Apart from giving protection from the rain or sun, it seems that more and more people are appreciating all the benefits of panoramic PVC windows. These provide guests with the pleasure of seeing the outside without necessarily being able to feel it! They have zips on either side which allow the window to be rolled and secured to the roof in good weather and easily unrolled and zipped when the temperature drops in the evening. There are also window walls that lace in the middle to allow for easy access.

The walls also work well in winter if an event starts during the day, allowing natural light to flood into the marquee. Heaters now have a thermostatically controlled inside temperature regardless of the weather, making winter events a much more viable proposition than in the past. We wish you a pleasant summer.