Summer canopy

A 9m x 6m canopy providing shade for an outdoor afternoon birthday party. The marquee is covering the back garden while some of the marquee legs extended over the wall into the neighbours property. Marquee linings fitting around a tree that was too tall to go within the structure.

Placing a 9m gable end up against the house provided a high ridge line above the entrance to the house. This gave a feeling of spaciousness as guests entered the area.

With musicians playing in the summer house, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Read more on countess

Summer Canopy


Corporate Marquee Hire

Modern clear span marquees from Countess Marquees Ltd can provide a high quality venue space that can be tailored to the requirements of corporate and commercial marquee events.

With a range of large marquees we offer such features as hard and glazed walling, solid flooring, contemporary linings, bespoke lighting heating and comfort cooling, as well as Audio Visual Production and set design

Countess will work closely with your event co-ordinator, maximizing your budget and meeting timescales. Countess marquee service can range from simply providing the marquee to project management of the event co-ordinating such services as hospitality, set design, marquee branding, event marketing, event security, and power distribution. Read more @