Decorating a hall with a marquee

Marquee frames can be placed inside and then lined to give you an elegant finish regardless of the outer walls You will not realised that the marquee is actually inside a hall.

If you do not have the height to erect a complete frame, there are other options available that can cover wails of if you are permitted to insert hooks, we can placing lining wires and hang linings from the existing walls.

Lighting, flooring, staging and furniture can all be suppliede.

This hall was in Barnes in the Old Sorting Office – a 6m x 9m marquee frame was positioned inside the hall with linings and up lighting installed.



Asian Events | Backdrops

Did you know that scenery backdrops can be used for a range of different events to add atmosphere and colour to a marquee? Cream star lit backdrops add an exquisite feeling to the occasion and use of draping and flowers added to the sense of luxuriousness.

If the event is in a hall or in the banqueting room of a hotel, consider on draping the walls and, given the right head room, the ceiling of a room to completely transform the environment. For more info why not visit our asian events | back drops section…